Forgotten English

I have run across some words and phrases that are no longer really used in the English language and personally, I think we need to bring them back.

Scurryfunge – “A hasty tidying of the house between the time you see a neighbor and the time she knocks on the door.” Personally, I am quite guilty of this one and never realized there was a term for it.  Although I am not concerned with the neighbors so much as I am the maintenance men!

Married all o’er – “Said of women who after their marriage . . . become . . . miserable-looking.”  LOL we have all seen a few of these beauties, have we not?

Gone to Texas – “An American expression for one who has decamped, leaving debts behind.”  Sometimes abbreviated G.T.T.  In our bad economic time, I think we absolutely need to bring this expression back.  And needless to say I am a hair’s breadth away myself.

And what better way to describe our (American) government post-Kennedy.  Assishness – “Asinine quality; stupidity.”

And a few more that are just plain fun to say: Googer (“the devil”), toozle (to make one’s hair stand on end) and play dikkop (to try to deceive).

I will keep my eye out for any more forgotten english that I feel worthy of a come back.  And feel free to post/comment your own favorite forgotten english words!!