Thank you, Mac1949!

I would like to thank Mac1949 for his sweet and loving post about our dearly missed little girl, Cyra, who passed away on October 19th.  Please pop over to his site for more information.  As he covered the subject quite well I will not add anything here except a few more photos.  Since my little girl was around pre-digital, I was going through actual prints (*gasp* I know) to select a great photo to give to the vet office.  And here are a few I came across.  Enjoy!  Click on the photos to see larger versions.

Photo dated September 1995 - notice the orange spot on her head.

Hard to believe she was so small.

Photo dated September 17, 1998

So this would have been on her 3rd birthday.

Not sure when this was taken - but we hit the digital age - so maybe 2008?

You are greatly missed baby girl.