Pet Health Insurance

As promised, I would like to talk to you about pet health insurance. I know there are a lot of companies out there to choose from and that is completely your option. I’m not well versed on who all is out there or what services/cost they may provide. I’m just going to let you in on my experience.

When I adopted George from the Rockingham/Harrisonburg SPCA, the system they used to accept payment asked if you would be interested in a pet policy for blah, blah – I think it was around $30- 35 dollars and it was through a company that I knew, but did not know they had pet insurance: MetLife.

It sounded like a good deal – and I now had an unknown health system in my house, I decided to go for it. So I merrily popped along for a year, submitting claims and getting paid back, until I started getting notices that his policy was almost up. At that time I was getting everything my munchkin needed, including all medications (including flea/tick), health care at 80% reimbursement – that included both emergency/issue care AND routine, and even prescription food!

*Now, I do need to declare that with the prescription food you do need to order it from your veterinarian – and get the invoice. They do not accept invoices/shipping statements from or the like.

**Note: You do need to pay out of pocket or use a credit card like CareCredit, submit for reimbursement, and wait about 15 days for the claim to process and BOOP you have your reimbursement dropped into your checking account you use to pay your bill every month.

Well, while my mom was in the chiropractor’s office one Saturday, I waited in the car and called MetLife. The very nice representative said we could renew at the current rate of blah, blah or we could pick a different plan. So I asked what the most common plan was for a household with a feline. She explained to me that the most common, and probably the best, plan was with a $100 deductible with 100% reimbursement. I was floored! So, all I have to do is spend $100 bucks (roughly what I pay for his prescription diet for one month – okay maybe it’s around $75), seek reimbursement, hit that 100 mark and after that everything is covered at 100%??

This option is a little more expensive, I think I pay around $56 dollars a month, but it has already payed for itself! Georgie had a visit to the Emergency Vet on Sunday April 30th that cost just under $1,200 – which my mom (bless her) put on her CareCredit Card. Submitted for reimbursement on Tuesday May 2nd (and I’ll update when we get the reimbursement deposit). And you know what? That entire $1,200 will be placed in my checking account and I can write my mom a check.

Yes, you have to pay upfront. Yes, you do need to be submitting claims. But you know what, the value I’m getting from this and being able to get paid back for food (which you have to buy anyways) and knowing George is getting the care he needs – when he needs it – is a huge weight off my mind. They even have an app where you can submit claims or just check into your file, contact, watch the progress of your claim, change you method of payment and reimbursement – tons of options.

So if you happen to be in the market for insurance, or maybe you always dismissed the idea. Think about it. You may find it beneficial. I’m in my second year with MetLife and I wish I had known about them way before this. With all the munchkins I have had – many of whom developed cancer (not cheap!) – it would have been a blessing. I am a very happy customer.

**I am not being paid for this or getting any benefit – except if I can help someone else out. This is my opinion – based on my experience.


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