Versatile Blogger Award

Ok, I have been extended the honor of being nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award.  So my deepest thanks go out to Mac1949 for thinking my blog deserved the distinction.  So as a result, I am to list seven things about myself.  And as a bonus to my readers I will try to list things that are not obvious.  So here goes:

1.  I am fascinated by WWII.  Not so much the battles as the people.  I have a morbid fascination with Hitler and the Nazis.  I do not agree with their actions or mentality but I have that curiosity of poking a dead snake with a stick.  That was probably clear as mud, for which I apologize.

2.  I can pinpoint the turning point of my life and biggest regret to March of 1996.

3.  I despised school when I was growing up and I never read unless I had to (or was offered free pizza during the summer).  Even when I first started college I was not a big school person.  Now?  I love to learn and read constantly.  You can’t stop me!!

4.  My secret passion and dream job is to be either a professional nature photographer or to do photojournalism but still concentrating on my love of animals and nature.

5.  I am a mediocre cook but there have been times when I experiment and just wing it.  A lot of those times, flying by the seat of my pants, I hit on something really yummy.

6.  I am addicted to everything British and Scottish.  I love their TV shows including Qi and Hamish MacBeth.  And I adore their accents.  That is one reason why I love Douglas Henshall.

7.  I am a huge animal rights person.  I worked as a zookeeper and love exotic animals as well as domestic.

As a nominee I have also been asked to name 15 other blogs that I feel are deserving of a nomination.  My picks are (in no particular order):

1. Exotic Animal Lover: Learn about exotic animals at this blog, where Kim Edwards writes for people who have a passion for nature in the world, endangered species and more.

2.  Bucket List Publications:  This is Lesley’s blog and I am super jealous!!  She travels a lot and has adventures all over the world.  Amazing stuff.  This was previously known as Lesley’s Adventure Blog!!

3. Adventures in Nature:  Wonderful animal and nature blog by Rochelle.

4.  Texts From Last Night:  This site is hilarious.  It lists crazy texts that people send from all over the world and you can view it by area code.

5.  Olga, The Traveling Bra:  yes, you read that right.  This blog chronicles the adventures of a (rather lovely) black bra named Olga.  A delightful blog that had been inactive for a while but is back full force.

6.  World Zoo Today: This site hopes to bring zoos, aquariums, wildlife refuges, rescue centers, scientists and animal lovers together to work for animal conservation and education.

7.  ALDF Blog: Since 1979, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been fighting to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. An awesome site to learn about current cases and campaigns.

8.  Depp!: A blog about the gloriously drool-worthy Johnny Depp.

9.  Funny Quotes and Sayings:  The title says it all.

10.  Fun And Food Blog:  This site has some amazing recipes with jaw dropping photos.  Yummy!

11.  Cat Blogosphere: An wonderful site that offers an impressive selection of daily news from cat bloggers at blogs around the web.

12.  Nora The Piano Cat:  Nora’s official blog with updates and merchandise.

13.  Fox Wood Wildlife Rescue:  They deal with more than just fox pups!  Amazing people!

14.  The Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife:  In memory of the late Bill Hicks – who was a profound animal lover – this Texas Foundation made up of a network of volunteers is doing their part for animal well being.  They specialize in mammals and marsupials.

15.  Romeo The Cat Animal Rescue:  A fun blog with a bit of quirk.  Plus they have been able to raise $60,000 for animals in need.  Gotta love it!!

So those are my picks.  Please, go out and spread the love!  Thank you all.