This year’s bunny is …

Nothing goes together quite like Cadbury and Easter. I still remember the commercials growing up, as well as the current crop showing bunny contenders, all wearing their ears. Also, I remember knowing that if I rooted around my basket, I would find a crème filled egg. One that had sunk to the bottom from being solid sweetness – none of that hollow crap if you please!

The classic

Over the years, I let them (and the whole tradition of Easter) drop from my main consciousness. Then in 2003, Easter came back into my life with special meaning; my little Beau was brought into my life where he would continue to shine beautiful light until his passing in 2021.


Then 2023 came along! And what should grace my Facebook feed? None other than this year’s Spokes Bunny for the godfather of Easter chocolate, Cadbury. If you haven’t heard yet, it is a one-eyed orange tabby from Idaho, named “Crash”.

Crash sustained injuries from being hit by a car that included a broken leg and jaw and the loss of his eye, plus a new name! But nothing can keep a good kitty down, and Crash charmed his way into becoming the resident shelter cat, greeting patrons and even performing a few tricks like the classic “high five”.

Not only will Cadbury be featuring Crash in a commercial but donated $20,000 to the ASPCA to continue their work and promote saving lives through adoption. This is on top of Crash’s winnings of $5,000 for himself and $5,000 for the charity of his choice.

That did it! Cadbury is back in my life with renewed enthusiasm and devotion! I made sure to pick up an array of Cadbury goodies with my weekly grocery haul. And you know what? Next week looks pretty good too!

On a side note, I adopted another kitty last year named George. So his 1 year adopt-iversy is coming up, and that will be, you guessed it – Easter Sunday. Amazing when these things happen.



The American owner of Cadbury is Hershey’s, so I took my new love to their customer service department. I was hoping for a comment here but I got a fantastic email:

Kudos Hershey’s!