Presidential Trivia

I thought I would spice things up a bit tonight and offer you a chance to answer a presidential trivia question.

This president was said to be able to write Latin with one hand and Greek with the other – at the same time!  Who was it?

And there are only 43 possible answers to this one, so it shouldn’t be too bad, right?  Leave a comment if you think you know the answer.  On Saturday, I will be offering our first gift for someone who answers correctly!  It will be a weekly thing, so be sure to keep coming back and answering questions.  If I need to do a tie breaker, I may award it to the person who answered the most questions correctly throughout the week!  Good luck and have fun!

Answer to the James Bond Villain Trivia

Sorry I am a little late with your answer.  I was trying to find another host for just my trivia questions.  So far that hasn’t worked out.

Ok, back on track!  Yesterday’s question was:

Who was the first actor to portray a James Bond villain?

And here is your answer: it was the incomparable Peter Lorre!

He played Le Chiffre in a 1954 version of Casino Royale on the TV show “Climax!”

Not only was he known for his unforgetable characters but also for his sense of humor.

Here is one of my favorite stories!  According to Vincent Price, when he and Peter Lorre went to view Bela Lugosi‘s body during Bela’s funeral, Lorre, upon seeing Lugosi dressed in his famous Dracula cape, quipped, “Do you think we should drive a stake through his heart just in case?”

Got to love a guy with a sense of humor!  Peter would have been 108 on June 26th.

James Bond Villain Trivia

I hope I have not discouraged anyone yet – since no one has even attempted a guess at my trivia!!

So I have decided to make this one a little bit easier by making it multiple choice.  What’da ya say?  Shall we give it another run?

Who was the first actor to portray a James Bond villain?

Just use the poll below to submit you answer.  I will reveal all tomorrow  🙂

Answer to Movie Trivia #2

Yesterday’s trivia question was:

This actor has stated in interviews that he turned down several film roles before he accepted the lead role in this 2008 film. Among the films he turned down were the mega-box office hits – Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

So here is the answer:

It was Ricky Gervais and the 2008 movie wasGhost Town“.  And if you haven’t seen it, give it a try.  It was a very sweet movie!