I Think I Need A Fact-Checker, Please

Ok, tons of people have been writing about this – so I will only take up a little space on it.

Please watch this 7 second video:

Um, wow.  Well, the Duke was born in Iowa – just not in Waterloo.  He was born in Winterset, which happens to be nowhere near Waterloo.  But there was a notable “John Wayne” in Waterloo, Iowa, right?  Yeah, John Wayne Gacy.  Yup, the serial killer.  But even then Gacy was born in Chicago – he just got started on his criminal career in Waterloo.

So, as usual, Bachmann is wrong on all points.  So let’s see if a little visual will help this backward lady fly straight for 5 seconds.

Not this John Wayne:

This John Wayne:

NOT this John Wayne:

THIS John Wayne:

I think I would feel bad for her, if she wasn’t so bloody stupid!!  How did this woman become a House Representative?