9 Year-Old Boy With A Heart Of Gold

Grab your tissues, because if you are like me this story will make you teary.

Nine-year old Isaac Saldana and his brother were about to walk their dog when the news announced the shootings of a little girl and Gabrielle Giffords (among others) in Arizona.  Isaac told the Huffington Post “I just thought, whoa! I didn’t know that people carry around guns here in Tucson. It scared me a little.”  He continued, saying “I felt really bad about Gabrielle being in the hospital and getting shot, so I just wanted to help her.”

However, Isaac had an idea.  He decided to sell his toys and even a bracelet his father had given him.  He filled his backpack and sold the items at school, even getting in trouble with his teacher and having his backpack taken away.

Well, young Isaac was able to raise $2.84.  So he put it in an envelope with a get well card and sent it off to the Giffords’.  Isaac’s mother, Aracely, was unaware of what her son was up to.  When she found out she understandably got a little choked up.  “For him to go out of his way, risk getting in trouble to do a good thing — that was just awesome,” she said. “I was crying. I am extremely proud of my children.”

Giffords’ husband Mark told KVOA News in Tucson that he planned to “get [Saldana] his lunch money back.”  But Isaac said he won’t accept it.

“I don’t really want it back,” he said. “I think she needs it.”

Now, this whole story is amazing to me.  And at risk of embarrassing myself, when I was nine, I had no clue what was going on the world. I didn’t pay much attention to the news or current events.  I was blissfully unaware of anything outside my world of school, cartoons and teenie bopper music.  Yes, the amount of money he raised is small but the important issue is that he cared enough to do something.  He used the resources he had available and in his way, he made a difference.

Aracely Saldana has every right to be proud of her children.  And she should also feel good that she must be doing an excellent job of raising her three children.  If they can be selfless enough, have enough compassion – it is something that should be celebrated and embraced.  And I personally would like to thank this family for giving me hope.  Hope that maybe one day we can turn this country around and once again have it moving forward.

2 thoughts on “9 Year-Old Boy With A Heart Of Gold

  1. Two points.

    1. When you were 9 crazies weren’t going around shooting politicians. Most of us were still in shock from the assassinations of the 60s and there was a general feeling that it should be “ballots, not bullets”. You didn’t have weasels like Limbaugh, Beck, Palin and Angle ginning up their nutter base, either.

    2. As a kid you were the same way as him, you were just more animal oriented.

  2. Beautifully said… thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention…we need more stories like this and less murder and mayhem!!

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