My Poetry – Part One

While going through some boxes recently I came across some writing and poetry I had done in high school.  This was before I knew I was bipolar.  I feel some of my best writing was done at this time – so I would like to share some of it with you.

This first one I did not title, but the object of the exercise was to create our own poem using the form and style of Donald Hall’s The Child. Below is my version.


We live among a daydream

a bright and loving theme

Nobody can destroy.


We sit and think alone

by sparkling pools, in a world

where families are destroyed.


Tears roll with sorrow

as the wind breathes softly

with the sound of crying children.


We hear soft groaning

with empty thoughts

of a once felt caress.


We sit until we ache

of the unforgotten memories

we have left behind.


When we stand to leave

we stop suddenly

to drift in eternal bliss.

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