Hump Day Hottie – Special Request

Our Hump Day Hottie this week is a special request.  According to the Daily Mail in England, our special hottie is “the pop star turned pin-up professor”, while the Telegraph calls him the man “who made science sexy”.   That’s right – we’re talking about Professor Brian Cox!

November 2009 - Photo by Paul Clarke

I can sum up the professor in one word : WOW!  Cox started out in Hulme Grammar School where he even received a D for A-Level Mathematics.  So don’t worry kids, if you get a few bad grades that will not stop you from obtaining awesome heights!

In 1993, while studying physics at the University of Manchester, he joined the band D:Ream as the keyboard player.  Even while working with the band, Brian was able to complete an undergraduate first class honours degree and a M.Phil – both in physics.  To round things off, in 1997 he received his Ph.D. in high energy particle physics.

Brian has been the host of numerous British programs on radio as well as television.  Some of Cox’s other achievements include:

  1. 2006 – received the British Association’s Lord Kelvin Award
  2. 2006 – elected as a University Research Fellow of The Royal Society
  3. 2010 – won the Institute of Physics Kelvin Prize
  4. 2010 – was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)
  5. 2011 – won Best Presenter by the Royal Television Society for Wonders of the Solar System

So am I right?  WOW!!  Below is the first part of an episode of the British Panel Show, Would I Lie To You? Brian and his team-mates try to out-lie the other guys.  Hope you enjoy it!  Also, follow Brian Cox on Twitter (if you’re into that).

I was asked to connect to the second part as it was unclear as to which was the correct one from YouTube – so here is part 2 of Brian’s appearance on Would I Lie To You?

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