Play along – win stuff!!

Sorry for the lapse in posts everyone and I hope to be back on a regular basis (as I had originally planned).  However, while I was away dealing with family issues, I spent a lot of time  thinking about this blog.  And I would like to extend the opportunity to my readers to offer any suggestions.  So I really look forward to hearing from you!

On to today’s trivia.  I have been a huge fan of both Johnny Depp and Aerosmith for many years now.  So what could be better than a trivia question that combined the two?

On June 3rd of this year, Johnny was given the MTV Generation Award by these two members of Aerosmith.  Name them both.

Leave your answer in the comments.  The first person to answer correctly will win Aerosmith’s album “Get A Grip”.  This is a used CD but it is in excellent condition. I will contact the winner to obtain mailing instructions privately.  Good luck!!

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