Well, I think this will be my next to last post.  It is not my last post as I did have family ask that I finish my vacation series.  But as I am not exactly drawing in the crowds I expect my “critique” was correct.

You see, I had posted some of my writing on a website and asked for some help and guidance.  What I got was an eye opener.  One response.  “Have you considered painting?”

So I think that sums it up.  Should I lay everything on what this one person’s “help” was?  Probably not.  But it was from an unbiased third party.  Most of my frequent readers are family who think anything I do is wonderful.  And since I cannot get anyone to participate in any way on this blog, I think it is high time I gave it a rest.

I would like to give a special shout out to Tim, who helped me heave myself out of the self-wallowing pit of despair and all around pity party that ensued after this.

To the few readers I do have, I hope you find peace and happiness.

Mahalo, Namaste and kissy, kissy, snog, snog

2 thoughts on “Sayonara

    • After careful consideration and bit of gentle nudging from people who actually care, I have decided to continue with my blog after all. I am not going to let one heartless jackass destroy me completely. Thank you for caring. It is much appreciated.

      -kissy, kissy, snog, snog

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